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Hitman 2 Mac OS X – GOLD EDITION 2018 TOP Stealth Game

Hitman 2 Mac OS X

Hitman 2 Mac OS X GOLD EDITION First of all, we present now the Gold Edition of Hitman 2 macOS, which means that you get everything for this game. The two paid expansions, which contain new missions, guns and locations, some gadgets, and a unique pistol. We have decided to use this version for macOS because this game is too …

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Apex Legends Mac OS X – Battle Royale FOR Macbook iMac

Apex Legends Mac OS X

Apex Legends Mac OS X The battle royale games are in a strong and continous ascent, with more and more titles coming out. The most popular game of this genre was, without doubt, Fortnite. This title has crushed all the records, but it seems that Apex Legends is coming very fast from behind. This game has gathered 2.5 million UNIQUE …

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RPG Mac Games – TOP 5 Best RPG Games for Mac

rpg mac games

RPG Mac Games – TOP 5 – A few days after we presented the TOP 5 Action Games for Mac, we came with another leaderboard, this time for the RPG genre. Games from this category are probably the between the most loved ones because of the intense gameplay and storyline. We have 51 RPG Mac Games presented here (at the …

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TOP 5 Best Action Games for Mac 2022

Action Games for Mac

Action Games for Mac – TOP 5 – This is our first classification of Mac games in a top. The Mac Action Games category has cumulated 146 titles. Because of this, we have decided that action games must open this series of Tops. We rank games based on the number of downloads. Therefore, all we need to do is to …

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The Last Of Us Mac OS X Remastered Version – Download NOW

The Last Of Us Mac OS X

NEW & FREE ~ The Last Of Us Mac OS X ~ After a few days of deserved break, the MacGamesWorld team is back with a new article: The Last Of Us Mac OS X – Remastered Version. This game is now available for download on any Macintosh running Mac OS 10.9 or higher. As everyone knows, the games presented here are …

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GTA V Mac OS X – How To Play on OS X in 2023 {UPDATED}


GTA V Mac OS X – How to play WITHOUT emulators/virtual machines has good news for GTA V fans! You don’t need any windows emulators anymore! We proudly present the new GTA V Mac OS X Version, developed by our team of programmers. That’s right! Now everyone can play the big Grand Theft Auto V on any Mac OS …

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