The Walking Dead Season 3 OS X
~ Download ~

The game of the 2016’s final is now available FREE for OS X computers. Download now The Walking Dead Season 3 OS X version from the button below and start your own adventure in a world full of zombies. This game is based on the comics created by Robert Kirkman, which were, are and will be a true success. As the previous seasons, The Walking Dead Season 3 is structured on episodes. Until now there are two released, out from a total of five. We will keep this post updated with the latest news. You will also receive notification via email when a new episode is released.

The Walking Dead Season 3 OS X

The Walking Dead Season 3 OS X

The action of The Walking Dead Season 3 OS X takes place in the same apocalyptic world, full of zombies and chaos. One of the main updates of this new title is that it features two playable characters, Clementine and Javier. Think twice before taking an action in this game! The choices you make will have an impact on certain gameplay elements, so don’t rush into doing something. As the producers announced, The Walking Dead Season 3 OS X will be structured on 5 (five) episodes. Two of them were released on december 20, 2016 and the third is supposed to be made public in March. You can downloat the two episodes right from the button below. You will be notified automatically when a new episode is released and it will be available for download as soon as possible.

The Walking Dead Season 3 for Mac
~ Minimum System Requirements ~

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz
OS: Mac OS X 10.10
Video Card: Nvidia GTS 450 / AMD HD5800 series with 1 GB VRAM
HDD Space: 8 GB
NOTE: This game is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, but in order to get acces to this game you need to create a FREE account (more details on the download page). By this way you can download all the DLC packs for this game and a lot more games and softwares for your Macbook/iMac.



Download The Walking Dead Season 3 Mac OS