Evolve Mac OS X Download

Fight, communicate, play and have fun. That’s a short description of what you can have playing Evolve on your Mac, but only after you use the Evolve Mac OS X Download links. Its developers, Turtle Rock Studios, have made a very great job with this version of the game released on 10 February 2015. Here, at MacGamesWorld.com we presents only the best game, and this one deserves his place on our list.

Evolve Mac OS X Download FREE FULL Game

Generally speaking, this is a shooting video-game that can be played as single-player or multiplayer. You will have a team made by five players, four as hunters and one as the monster. The purpose of the hunters is to shoot the monster, and the monster will try to become as stronger as he can consuming wildlife. But this is not all, Evolve MAC OS X is about strategy, you have to learn the map very well, you will use all the characters options to level up, will climb, and sneak and search for food. The team has to cooperate to find the beast, and search for help in everything that’s on the map.

Evolve Mac OS X Download FREE FULL Game

Anyway, another thing that makes this game so amazing, are the characters and their awesome looks. You can choose from twelve hunters and three monsters designed carefully. It has bots, so you can play it offline, and also has the party option when you make a team with your friends, you can make a stream or make screenshots.
Totally free for your Mac computer, we offer you the Evolve Mac OS X Download, with the easiest installer. No additional programs or Windows emulators are needed to run this game on your device. We attached the system minimum requirements for you to check if your computer is compatible and all you have to do is press the Evolve Mac OS X Download button, and install this captivating game.


Download EVOLVE Mac OS X