About Us

What about us?

We are a team of four people. Each of us has a certain tasks, like content writting / website management / social media promotion / SEO expert and a few more. We have started this website a back in 2014. On the first project we had some problems and we were forced to start it again, from scratch. After a few month we were very pleased to see the first results. Since then, MacGamesWorld.com is in continous grow, adding constantly new & fresh content. All our users are pleased with the games presented here. Also the time spent on our website is very good, making us overcoming our competitors. This means that the users are having a great time while they read the review for a game or just browsing through articles.

Who are we?

  • Jack McKenzie – Content Writter
  • Jim Scott – Developper & Database Manager
  • Christine Wellbeck – Social Media & SEO Expert
  • Pierre Grousseau – Games Researcher

Why are doing this?

When we have started the MacGamesWorld.com project it was just for fun. After we realised that it’s more than just fun, we took some actions. Publishing the FIFA 17 Mac OS X was our first big success. Since then we have added more than 200 popular games. Our users can request any game they want and, if possible, they will have it in a short time. Although, we don’t offer directly a game. We just promote our partners’s networks. They might or might not have the specific game on their collection. Anyway, we work only with big content deliverers, who have more thousands of pieces of media. So if a user can’t find a specific game, there are very big chances to find another one… or even more that are not stated in our reviews.

Contact Us

You can reach us via the “Request a game” for at the button of any page. Also we have the email address macgamesworld@gmail.com. We strongly recommend to use the form mentioned above. You will receive a reply in a short time.